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4 Breathing Exercises To Improve Lung Capacity In Covid Time


Yoga was first developed in ancient India. Yoga means “yoke or union or harnessing” in English. It has been always a great topic in Hinduism. Many Hindu philosophical texts have mentioned about yoga several times. Yoga, is not just performed to cure a disease, but it is a way of life. It helps to control your mind and body. It makes you mentally strong as well. Other benefits of yoga include:

  • It brings clarity in thoughts, and helps to make decisions effectively.
  • It helps to control and lower the anger issues
  • Yoga lowers the stress and improves the thinking capacity
  • Physical strength and beauty
  • Improves brain functioning and central nervous system
  • Replaces CO2 fast and increase oxygen levels

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Proning position

This position has come out to be best technique for increasing the flow of oxygen within minutes in the body. Specially, important exercise for covid-19 patients. It helps in recovery process.

proning position benefits


  • All you have do is to lie on your stomach
  • Put pillow under your chest hip bone and legs for support.
  • Keep your hands under your chin and start to breathe deeply.
  • It makes your alveolar open and improves the ventilation.

But remember it is a temporary way for covid -19 patients, one must seek medical help

Belly breathing

Belly breathing is another way to increase oxygen and lung capacity. For that,

covid breathing exercises


  1. Lie down o flat surface and keep one palm on chest and another on diaphragm
  2. Now inhale through nose deeply such that it makes the stomach rise. Feel that it is traveling deep towards the stomach from lungs.
  3. Now exhale slowly so that your stomach can relax and go down to normal position.

Bhramri yoga

This yoga is very useful as, it involves a breathing technique which helps to increase the nitric acid in body which inhibits coagulation in chest.

bhramari breathing exercise benefits


  • Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes
  • For hand placement: put your thumbs closing your ear.
  • Index finger above eyebrows and rest three fingers covering your eyes and concentrate between your eyebrows.
  • Now inhale deeply and exhale through nose by making “humming sound”.

Alternate nostril breathing

This yoga helps to clear out and treat your trachea, and lung airways. This wipes out mucus from your body. This, makes your respiratory muscles relaxed. This is one of my favorite exercise for increasing lung capacity.

anulom vilom breathing yoga


  • Sit in comfortable position with your legs crossed and relaxed shoulders and neck
  • Now close one nostril with thumb and breathe from another.
  • Now close the second nostril with index finger and exhale from first.
  • Now breathe from first nostril.
  • Do this process for 20 minutes daily

Also you need to keep in mind that :

  • You need to stop smoking
  • Eat healthy iron rich diet and vitamin B
  • You have to do physical exercise as well

CAUTION :  If you have any breathing related problem , or have undergone any surgery or pregnant , ask your doctor before doing any of these exercises.

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