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Assured Tips on How To Grow Your Hair Fast


Long glossy hairs is what everybody wishes for. You must be trying really hard to find best fastest way to grow your hair long. But, this process seem like years long thing. However, I am listing few things which I personally do to make the length of my hair longer.  Use the following ways or check if you are not missing out on something while taking care of your hair.

Regular oiling 



Make sure that you are doing hair oil massage time to time. Do keep oil for at least 1 hour minimum and maximum overnight.

  1. Always use organic oils like mustard, coconut, olive and castor oil for massage and application. scented non sticky oils are not as good as organic oils.
  2. Always warm the oil and do not over heat it.
  3. Do not forget to put it onto your tips to avoid rough ends and split ends
  4. Tie your hair to avoid stains on clothes and pillow covers.

Using Hair packs 


You should use hair packs on regular basis to enrich the strands of your hair and make them strong and shiny. Read the article on how to make hair silky and uses the provided hair packs to add extra shine and gloss. These easy to make masks will give you assured results in less time.

Protection from pollution



When you are travelling or heading out in sun, try to cover your hair as many times as possible. Due to heat we tend to sweat a lot and also the particles from fumes settles on hair and damage them. So, the best way you can do is to put a scarf while you are travelling. Or you can use pollution protection sprays available.




Have you trimmed your hairs in past 6 months? if No, then you must go for regular trims in every six months.

  1. This reduces the growth of split ends and promotes healthy hair.
  2. This improves the density in the lower section of your hair.
  3. Reduces hair-fall to an extent.
  4. Less tangle hair.

Hair styling products


Stay away from hair styling products as they can ruin the soft texture of your hair.

  1. Products like blow dryers, curling irons, and straighteners provide unnatural heat which makes your hair to go very dry and bad in no time. This increases frizz in your hair.  Instead let your hair dry with natural air and if if you want to style them use products which keeps the hair away from damaging them, like heat protection spray.
  2. Don’t use lots of products like hair sprays which will make the hair brittle. Also, avoid using too many accessories which might damage the hair roots.
  3. Do not DYE BLONDE hair again and again. It makes them lifeless and they tend to get tangled even more.

Food Habits 



See what you eat!! Many times lack of nutrition also makes hair to fall. Try to eat green leafy vegetable, fruits and nuts to fulfill the needs.

Eat Omega 3 tablets, Vitamin C and D, iron, proteins for hair. So that, hair growth and textures can be improved. It will also help to cope up with alopecia and thinning of hair.

Possible Reasons For Hair-fall

Hormonal imbalances

Many people can have hormonal imbalances which can create hair loss and not gaining them back. Thus, do a checkup if your hairfall continues.

Harsh water

It might be possible that you are washing your hair with harsh water, which can make your scalp oily and itchy. Calcium, chlorine and salts can deposit in hair and making your hair look dull.


You might be suffering from some internal disease which can cause hair fall. Or, probably it can be alopecia which might be causing hair fall. We suggest you to go to the doctor and get a check up.


Dandruff make their own galaxy in your scalp!! JK. But dandruff  results in itching and makes follicle weak causing hair fall.


What are some natural remedies for hair fall treatment :

Aloe vera gel –  Apply fresh aloe Vera gel and make your hair look shiny and provides scalp fresh and healthy environment.

Lemon or Yogurt- These help to eliminate the itchiness and dryness from scalp and controls the growth of dandruff.



Do not vigorously pat your hair when they are wet. Juts dab a little to remove excess water.

Comb with wide tooth comb to remove tangle from hair, also, do not comb too many times a day.

Always keep your hair tied in a braid when you are not styling them

use a satin pillow cover or smooth piece of cloth under head while sleeping, to avoid any breakage and tangling while sleeping.

Always use conditioner after shampooing your hair.




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