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Best Way For Daily Skin Care Routine At Home | How To Take Skin Care


With change in weather and the pollution, heat and sweat, pulls out the healthy glow from our skin. Thus, it is very important to look after your body, and to remain youthful in run as well. So, here I have curated some of easy step by step daily skin routine at home which is effective.



Face wash and cleansing



You can use homemade cleansers, or you can use face wash according skin type:

  1. Oily and combination skin – Foaming face washes
  2. Dry flaky skin – cream based cleansers
  3. Micellar water –  for all skin types

Apply gently on your face and massage with finger tips in circular motion, specially forehead and cheeks.

For homemade cleansers, wash your face with water and use raw milk apply on skin and wash off after 5 minutes with gentle cleanser.

Scrubbing once a week



Once a week scrubbing your skin is best thing you can do. Scrubbing helps to remove dirt clogged into pores. It also helps to remove the layer of dead skin and thus helping to remove dark spots. You can go for brands like Everyouth face scrubs or some face scrub of your choice. Or, make one for yourself, we have an article on homemade scrub for face and body  and select the best for your skin. Before trying anything on your face make sure you do a patch test.

Note : Do not scrub more than twice a week. Also, scrub with very light hands or else you may end up hurting your skin.

Toning skin



Many people makes assumption and think toner will be cause damage to skin, but these are just myths. One must apply toners after cleansing every day. As, Toners helps to make your skin more firm and minimize the pores opened during scrubbing. Also, it helps to tighten skin. Please do not skip this step as, it is one of the major step in skin routine. You can use toners available in market or make your own at home using aloe Vera gels and Apple cider vinegar. Also, you can read our article on home remedy for open pores.

Face pack and masks twice a week



You can do it twice a week. You can use face masks available in market or can make one by yourself. Masks make your skin to retain the moisture and add more glow to your skin. It is something which will rejuvenate the skin deeply. You can use face packs once or twice a week. Select the one according to your skin type:

  1. oily skin : Mud/clay masks
  2. Dry skin : Moisturizing masks consisting of honey, milk and other agents.

you can see home remedies for glowing skin in our article and try the one that suits you the best.

After this if you are having any treatment for face like dark spots, Vit C, B etc you can apply before moisturizer. Also ask your skin doctor for correct usage of medicine.

Moisturizer with SPF



Moisturizing your face is very important because, when your skin is fully moisturized it will automatically signals brain and less facial oils is released thus, making your skin less oily. It is one of the most important step to prep skin for makeup, so that it can last longer. Also it is great when you are heading towards day out use SPF PA +++ Sunscreen moisturizers to protect your skin from harmful rays.

  1. For oily skin – Take Gel Matte moisturizers and sunscreen
  2. Dry skin – Use cream based moisturizer and sunscreen
  3. combination skin –  You can use lotions moisturizers and sunscreen

Using under eye creams



After sitting for long hours in front of computers and mobile or getting exhausted from work. One needs to take care of their eyes as well. tired eyes snatches away the charm of our face. So, you can apply cool packs and under eye creams when you are off to bed. You can make eye gels :

  1. Take 1 teaspoon aloe Vera gel and 1/2 teaspoon coffee mix it apply all over your eyes.
  2. caffeine helps to recharge skin around eyes and aloe Vera will reduce the stress.
  3. Put Green tea soaked in cotton pad all over your eyes and see the magic in a week. It will reduce the dark circles.


Additional Points :

  1. Drink water throughout the day. Keeping yourself hydrated will help your body to flush out toxins and mange skin oil production.
  2. Eat healthy meals –  try to eat fresh food as it will give glow and help to cope up with nutrient deficiency.
  3. Apply proper sunscreen as, we tend to get tan and sun burns which can irritate the skin. Apply it time to time even at evening.
  4. If you want to use creams and face oils – use non comedogenic oils and creams as these will not clog pores and burst acne or pimple.
  5. Always do a patch test, as many products may also cause unhealthy skin due to heavy chemicals used in it.








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