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Top 10 Best Sunscreen For Oily Acne Prone Skin


Oily skin is sometimes really hard to manage. Acne and pimple burst are very common with oily skin. But the worst part is that, they leave dark spots and marks behind. This makes the skin look dull. Using any product without getting its knowledge cannot be safe, as they are likely to be comedogenic for your skin. But luckily, now there are many sunscreens available for oily skin which are proven to be really effective. Below is the list of all affordable sunscreen for oily skin which will suit best. Also read best home remedy for glowing skin to take care of your skin naturally.

Please make sure you read Note section for proper understanding

Cetaphil sensitive gel fluid – high protection

cetaphil sunscreen

It is considered as best sunscreen for oily skin and has least side effect on skin.

  • Cetaphil has SPF 50 +
  • Provides protection with UVA UVB rays and provides a non sticky look
  • Gets absorbed and non greasy
  • It is water and sweat resistant
  • Little expensive
  • May leave whitish cast

Lacto calamine sun shield sunscreen

Sunscreens from lacto calamine have been rated good on Ecommerce websites. Lacto calamine has been into making the products specialized for oily skin, so you may try this sunscreen for oily skin as well.

lacto calamine sun shield

  • It has a great  SPF 50 & PA +++
  • Non oily and non sticky formula
  • Pleasant smell and is water based formula which works best for oily skin
  • It contain kaolin clay and Lemon extracts to reduce oil on face.
  • A lotion sunscreen for oily skin and has been tested dermatologically.

Plum sunscreen gel

It is again a fast growing brand, and has variety of skin care products. Some of the benefits of plum sunscreen are listed below-

plum sunscreen

  • It is Vegan sunscreen gel for acne prone oily skin
  • Has calming effect on skin due to calendula extracts.
  • It is made from Non- comedogenic sources which is good for oily skin.

La Shield Lite SPF 30+ & Pa+++ Anti-Tanning Sunscreen Gel

la shield sunscreen review

  • It is completely a gel formula and suits best for oily skin.
  • It is totally zinc based formula which has a property to make skin texture better.
  • Has anti tanning properties as well
  • It can leave a white cast if not applied properly

Kaya skin ultra-light aqua gel sunscreen

Kaya sunscreen

  • It claims that it is hypoallergenic
  • It has no perfume and clinically tested for non comedogenic. Means that it will not clog your pores
  • This has been made with non greasy formula and makes the skin hydrated.

Neutrogena hydro boost sunscreen

Neutrogena hydro boost sunscreen

  • This a new product in Indian market, but has great properties with it.
  • It is completely water based and has a hydrating effect along with SPF.
  • Also, it has a great SPF 50 which is best for your skin
  • Moreover, it guarantees to stay 8 hour without any residue and makes the skin looks healthy without any white cast.

Neutrogena ultra sheer touch SPF 50 PA+++

Neutrogena ultra sheer touch SPF 50 PA+++

This has been used by people widely. It has a great recipe which blends so well on skin, making it look healthy.

  • It is a broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 50 PA +++
  • Also, it does not leave any shiny finish on skin
  • It is sweat and water proof
  • Oil free and non comedogenic



This has got best SPF for skin and I would highly recommend trying this one out. But do not forget to take a patch test on sensitive skin.

  • Good for sensitive oily Acne prone skin
  • Non greasy matte finish cream
  • Moreover, it is Non comedogenic and free from hash chemicals
  • Do a patch test, and might make you sweat

Ponds sun protect sunscreen

It is not advertised so much on TVs but, the has been selling in good bunch online. Moreover, this has also got good reviews. Some other features includes

Ponds sun protect sunscreen

  • It is light and seems like nothing on skin
  • Protects from sun burns as well
  • It has SPF 30 which protects your skin from sun damage
  • It soothes your skin and absorbs fast
  • Non greasy

Lotus gel sunscreen

I have personally used this sunscreen and this has suited me very well, although you can have a patch test before.

Lotus gel sun safe sunscreen

  • It has PA +++ and very light weight
  • Suits only acne prone oily skin and no white cast
  • Protects from UVA UVB rays


Most Important thing to keep in mind while purchasing and using any sunscreen :

  • No matter how expensive or low cost the sunscreen is, it differs from person to person on how it is going to react on your skin. It might be best for you but, may not be good for your friend or vice versa.
  • Every individual has different type of skin some may have oily or combination or dry, so use according to your skin type.
  • Always do a patch test. Your sunscreen might be having less chemicals but nobody know if actually it is going give you rash or not. So always test them before using it.
  • For oily skin always look for the ingredients listed in the pack , it must have water (Aqua) as a base formula.
  • Always apply SPF on moisturized skin to keep away any dryness and white cast.
  • Apply the sunscreen in every 2-3 hours if you are planning to stay out doors. Also use cloth and gloves to cover up the sun exposed skin.
  • Do a self analysis of all the products you buy by reading more related information about them.

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